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Countdown to Launch of Jen Belcastro's Debut Memoir!
Even Strong Girls Cry - Independent Book

Even Strong Girls Cry

How My Solo War Against Cancer, Covid, & Political Corruption Saved My Life

Even Strong Girls Cry is more than a memoir; it's a powerful narrative of survival and defiance. Perfect for fans of politically-driven memoirs and narratives of mothers’ resilience, Jennifer’s story shines a light on the unbreakable strength of women facing extraordinary adversity.

In early 2020, amidst the chaos of COVID-19, Jen Belcastro faced a battle for her life when an early-stage breast cancer diagnosis was met with treatment denials amidst New York City's political turmoil. 


As time—the crucial element in cancer treatment—was stolen by forces beyond her control, Jen found herself alone against formidable adversaries: Cancer, COVID, Cuomo, and Corruption.

But as a fighter to her core, Jen confronted the chaos head-on. What commenced as an epic battle for her freedom, bodily autonomy, and cancer treatment evolved into a profound journey of self-discovery and inner strength. 

As election turmoil unfolded around America, Jennifer realized that even if she won her own war, she couldn’t ignore the bigger battle to protect her daughter from a fractured society. Thus ‘Campaign Save My Daughter’ was born. In order to confront the looming shadows, Jen had to make a move—a move far bigger than she or her daughter could have imagined…

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“Even Strong Girls Cry is an emotional journey through a cancer diagnosis, the early days of COVID in America, and even the politics that altered how she’d live her life moving forward. I won’t give away all the juicy details explaining the sensational subtitle—How My Solo War Against Cancer, Covid, and Political Corruption Actually Saved My Life—but I will say you’re in for a doozy with this book."

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About Me!

Jen Belcastro

After over 20 years, I recently left the toxic corporate world behind me and opened the doors of my own Brand Strategy & Insights Agency while also writing this book, which was no small feat given my ADHD or neuro-sensationalism as I like to call it!  One editorial reviewer talks about how my story portrays my colorful life and I could think of no better picture to show just how true she is!  Even Strong Girls Cry is my first book, though I doubt it will be the last. You'll have to read it to really find out more details "About Me" because anything I say here will give pieces of it away. 

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