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Countdown to Memoir Launch
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To a place where we take a bold, unique approach to expressing your true self and living your best life!

At Even Strong Girls Cry, we recognize our shared history and understand the weight of the generational baggage confining us.

Our mission is to break free, redefine our stories, and be empowered to shape our destinies. 

We are so much more than a support group - we stand as a tribe of warriors, embracing each other's triumphs and trials on our journey from merely surviving to thriving. If you are here it's a sign that you are on the verge of something big, potentially a breakthrough that will propel you towards the life of prosperity you absolutely deserve.

Embrace the The Warrior Pledge and officially commence your journey!

The Warrior Pledge

As a Warrior, I wholeheartedly vow to stand resolute and unwavering. I refuse to yield, never accepting mediocrity nor allowing my apprehensions to dominate me. I acknowledge that the
strength I need resides deep within me, and I am determined to make my voice resonate. I will embody the passionate, primal love that defines all Warriors and will harness that fervor to guard and protect myself. My light will shine most brilliantly when confronting the most formidable challenges head-on. I commit to continuous self-discovery to identify my path and will relentlessly pursue it without compromise.

By becoming a member, you officially pledge to be a Warrior and join our thriving community.

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A very wise woman, Dionne Shanette Wood quoted;

"Pain travels through families until someone is ready to feel it. For many of us, our generational
curse is avoidance. We come from people who just act like it didn't happen. But pain demands to be felt and somewhere along the line, a child will be born whose charge it is to feel it all. These are your
shamans, your priests and priestesses, your healers. You call them mental health patients and label their power as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder and the like. But these are the ones that are born with the gift of feeling and as we all know; you can't heal the pain you refuse to feel."

Born to Feel

"In the deepest darkness, my inner warrior was unleashed, unveiling my life's purpose."

I was that child, born too early, too sick, and unlikely to live longer than a mere 3 days, that is, until the miraculous happened.

Born to feel and not to ignore, my life story is one of empowerment through pain, enlightenment through struggle, and self-perseverance through tears. Ultimately, each life test was preparing me to fulfill my calling as a Guide, destined to bring light and the power of healing to others.

It is my legendary birth where my story officially begins.

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Welcome Fellow Warrior!

Warrior Diaries

Empowering Growth

We know that everyone has the strength to overcome adversities on the path to a happy, fulfilling life. Our founder, Jen, who through lifelong lived experiences, has become a highly-effective guide who is passionate about empowering others to find their inner warrior and she will stop at nothing to see them achieve the life they deserve. In fact, she knows at her core, that this is her life's purpose. 

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