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My Story

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Unlikely to survive my third day on this earth, I was given an emergency Christian baptism to secure my place in Heaven and shortly after, I defied all medical odds, achieving miraculous status. It is through the story of my legendary birth that I can confidently say I was born a fighter, and that sheer will, determination, and resilience have been ingrained into who I am. And while I had what I would consider divine intervention, I undoubtedly believe that the Universe spared me because there is a greater purpose for my life—one that is much larger than myself, and one that I had been seeking ever since realizing this absolute truth. Throughout my life, my strength would be tested repeatedly until the tumultuous events triggered by my 45th birthday finally revealed the answer.

It all began amidst the grit and grind of Manhattan, where I was a single mom breaking free from the chains of a toxic marriage. My very existence was suffocated by the struggles of living paycheck-to-paycheck and the burden of depression, anxiety, and burnout. Just when I thought the storm couldn't rage any fiercer, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, only to be denied treatment due to the governmental takeover of the private healthcare system during the COVID-19 chaos in NYC.

What commenced as an epic battle for my freedom, bodily autonomy, and cancer treatment evolved into a profound, eye-opening journey of self-discovery—a narrative of healing from the weight of generational curses, childhood trauma, and lifelong narcissistic abuse, all while navigating life with ADHD. Through this chaos, my guiding star, my divine purpose, was finally revealed.

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