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Updated: Apr 21

4.20.24- 4 years ago, at this time, I was preparing for a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction surgery - a surgery in which I shed blood, sweat, tears, and more for. If I hadn't lived it myself, I wouldn't have believed it. 3 years later, I proudly post this picture of a body that I fought to free from the slimy grip of politicians who tried to steal my inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness ('tried' being the operative word). Who would have known 4 years later I'd be living in Panamá with my soulmate... my Daniella and that I'd have my whole story written and weeks away from being published.

I'm not the same woman I was before March of 2020 because when your life is dangled in front of you and you have to channel every ounce of fight you have in you to save it, it's inevitable you will emerge a different person.

In my journey of self-discovery and through the absolute hell I went through, I realized at the heart of it all was that I've been trying to outrun my own shadow my whole life.

Today, I can confidently say that I can finally stop running. I left my shadow long ago, and I am finally FREE!

People say, "Tomorrow is not a guarantee." I'll double down and say, "Yesterday shouldn't define today," and my new little ladies (which are imperfectly perfect for me) are forever a reminder of the woman I was yesterday, I am today, and the woman I will be tomorrow. CHEERS TO ALWAYS CHOOSING LIFE!

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